Staff at Radix James Remedial School

Mr Calvin Pienaar
Mrs Shena Audhpersadh
Mrs Nokubonga Shozi
Miss Trisha Mariappen
Miss Liesel Usher

Director / School Counsellor

Mr C Pienaar


After many years of being an active member in the community and working with various children’s homes, schools, orphanages, trauma centres, SAPS and working in private practice, Mr Pienaar discovered a dire need for remedial schools in the area and a need that could no longer go unassisted. Mr Pienaar therefore took the plunge and founded Radix James. Since its inception (with just one student), Radix James Remedial School has flourished, having assisted many learners and families in the Durban and South African community.


Mr Pienaar has studied many courses over the years and in various fields, however he formally graduated from UNISA with a BA Degree in Psychology and Communications. He then went on to obtain a BSoc Sci Honours in Psychology at UKZN followed by a BPsych at UNISA, which lead him to register with the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) as a Registered Counsellor.


Mr Pienaar is currently doing his internship in Clinical Psychology and intends on following these studies, as a keen lifelong learner. His passion for working with both children and families is what led him down this path and one that he is grateful for on a daily basis. 


Principal/Developmental Class Teacher

Mrs S Audhpersadh


Mrs Audhpersadh has been a part of Radix James Remedial School since January 2014. She is a graduate of UNISA with a Bachelor of Education degree in the Intermediate and Senior Phase. She has been teaching for 13 years and has experience in the Foundation Phase as well as the Intermediate and Senior Phase.


For the past 10 years Mrs Audhpersadh has diversified her knowledge and experience in the remedial and special needs environment. She has been influential in the academic structure across all grades and has grown in her position at Radix James Remedial School to that of Principal.


"My passion for children has led me to Radix James. I have been teaching since 2007. It is my goal to ensure that I instil in my learners strong character, skills and habits of mind, for life in an ever-changing world. Helping children discover
his or her passions and potential is of utmost importance to me."


Mrs Audhpersadh enjoys Photography on a part time basis and is a professional in this field. "It is wonderful capturing those special moments that can be treasured by many through generations to come."


School Receptionist

Mrs Nokubonga Shozi


Mrs Shozi is an invaluable part of the Radix James family as the schools Receptionist / Administrator.


She has seven years work experience, working within Office Administration roles. She has an Office Administration qualification obtained from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) together with Boston City Campus & Business College.


She has a warm personality, cares about the wellbeing of child and for people in general. Her motto in life is that: “People give you the kind of energy you give out.”

HOD/Intermediate and Senior Phase Educator

Trisha Mariappen


Trisha Mariappen is an educator at Radix James Remedial School, in the intermediate & senior phase. She has been with Radix James since 2019 and absolutely loves her work! It has always been a passion of hers to be able to work with children, and being able to do so, is extremely important to her.


She has a bachelor’s degree in education, specialising in English and Psychology  and has also obtained supporting certificates in the special needs & remedial field. As a passionate and dedicated person in the teaching profession, Miss Mariappen is a person capable of adaptability, as well as teamwork. She believes that all challenging situations that one may find themselves in, are simply guidelines to discover a creative solution.


Miss Mariappen can be described as a friendly, down to earth person with an amazing sense of humour. She is always forthcoming and helpful with those around her, which has enabled her to build amazing relationships with learners and staff alike.


Her hobbies include: reading, watching mystery/detective movies and she enjoys interacting with nature and animals. She’s also interested in space and technology inventions that allow us to explore the unknown perils of space, planets and other universes. Her motto: “Be kind wherever possible”.

Grade 1 & 2 Educator

Liesel Usher


Liesel Usher has been a part of the Radix James family, as a facilitator, since 2019. She has eight years of experience working with children and is currently completing a Bachelors’ Degree in Education for the Foundation Phase.


After matric, Liesel decided to take a gap year to discover herself, as is the trend with millennials. She saw a course being offered at a school and applied for it with an open mind to new experiences. It was then that she discovered her love for working with children, and even more so with children that have learning barriers. As that often results in them getting left behind in the educational system.


Liesel believes the quote that states, “Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times.” She believes that every child has an attribute unique to them that is invaluable. Children should be given the support, understanding, and the time that they need to nurture their gifts. Then they will be able to find their voice, follow their dreams and shine their light on the world.


Liesel enjoys travelling to new destinations. She loves completing piece puzzles and appreciates spending time with family and friends.


Solace Wing Educator 

Lindsay Smith


Lindsay Smith, also goes by the names Linds, Lindsay, Smithy and Mrs Smith.


Lindsay is strongly passionate about and has a heart for children. She has been working with special needs children for over 11 years, and as much as she has been their teacher, she has learnt so much from the children that she has worked with. It is a very humbling experience for her and she does not take her job very lightly. Lindsay not only has a responsibility to the children she works with, but also to their families.


She is always up for the challenge that comes with working with children, and believes that together we can strive to reach goals and milestones however long it may take. She is the wife to a wonderful husband. Lindsay enjoys living an active life and she is always looking for adventures to go on. Some of her hobbies include reading and writing poetry. She also enjoys being outdoors; hiking, cycling and running - to name a few of her favourite things to do on weekends.


Lindsay describes herself as “unsociably sociable, if that makes any sense at all”. She loves helping and caring for those around her. Lindsay has also done a year of missions and spent two months in a remote village in Zambia.