Intermediate Phase (Grade 4-7)

Our intermediate phase consists of a vibrant rainbow of personalities. We are proud to have a multitude of learners from different backgrounds at Radix James Remedial School.

Every learner has their own special abilities, as well as challenges, and we provide the daily opportunity to enhance those abilities, as well as provide support for the daily academic, as well as emotional challenges that a learner may face. We believe in a holistic approach to learning, that involves academic, social, emotional, as well as physical support.   

We acknowledge that the present generation is off the technology era, and we include technological aspects into the teaching and learning process. Use of the e-Beam, multimedia tools, as well as, remedial techniques, are incorporated into daily lessons. Our classroom sizes are at a maximum of 10 learners per class. This ensures that, the needs off every learner are fully catered for in the classroom. 

We boast a vast range of social activities such as our year end concert, sports day, skills development programmes, extra murals, speech debates, as well as information sharing presentations, and so much more! We also work together with therapists off different forms of therapy, that a learner may require, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, as well as use of animal therapy to assist learners with anxiety as well as to boost confidence and over all well-being.