About Radix James Remedial School

Radix James follows the traditional government syllabus (CAPS) , but it is taught with your child's interests at heart in order to ensure optimal education and successful learning.

Radix James focuses on using a variety of teaching methods that will optimise your child's scholastic performance and stimulate their intellectual and personal growth.

Our Grades are from (R-9) and Classes are kept very small with a maximum of 10 students. It is important for children to still acquire the social interaction with other children, but the class is small enough to have focussed one-on-one teaching.

Radix James ensures that each child's needs are met both scholastically and emotionally. Or main focus is helping each child to reach their full potential. Our remedial focus and specialisation in learning difficulties ensures that each child will receive individual attention and additional resources to allow them to excel at their own rate, thereby ensuring that the child will not fall behind.


Radix James's aftercare caters not only for our own students, but it is also open to the public. This is a time well-balanced environment for students to do their homework (facilitated by one of our teachers), be closely looked after and feel safe while parents are still at work.

Homework Centre


The homework centre offers a quiet environment with no distractions thus being conducive to concentration and learning. The homework centre offers specialised facilitation and tuition as well as a variety of resources at your child's disposal. The homework centre is a place where your child can come and do research for their projects.




  • Specialised tuition for a variety of subjects

  • An environment conducive to learning

  • A variety of resources to support you child's learning

  • Study skills


Radix James homework centre is open from 2:30pm - 5:00pm Monday to Friday during the school term. If your child needs extra facilitation or tuition during the holidays, we can arrange a schedule around your needs.