Developmental Class

Our Developmental Class is used to accommodate learners who experience boundaries to learning as well as learners who fall lower on the autism spectrum. These classes are kept very small and in some instances a further facilitator is required.


Our Developmental class is kept smaller to focus even more on academic achievement and general knowledge, but we also assist with social interaction. Engaging with peers and other students is vital in a child's development and that's why it is exciting to watch these students grow. Usually students have been homeschooled and therefore have little to no interaction with other students, we are happy to be able to bridge this gap.


Various teaching methodologies and techniques are used to boost visual, auditory and motor perceptual skills in group settings as well as in individualised settings. We go at a much slower pace in order to accommodate each learners needs. "Each child within the Developmental class has a unique preference and various temperaments which we focus on, and is adapted to, in order to tune into these particular strengths and weaknesses to enhance development. Our intervention is structured to meet these challenges by caring, experienced facilitators."


We aim to create a balanced ethos and strive to ensure each child is treated with the utmost respect, dignity, care and equal concern.