Parental Support Group

One of the roles of the PSG is to mediate between the Parents and Personnel of the school. And I quote; “When school personnel and parents work together in a Parent Support Group, they complement each other’s strengths and gain a common vision towards improving the school – all for the betterment of your Child's education...” This mediation however does not extend to any monetary issues between the Parent and the school. We are also here as a support group for those parents and children, that are in need of support. In other words – we are here to give advice, for a shoulder to cry on or simply to chat. - In strictest confidence.

All parents of Radix James have something in common and it is refreshing that we can have a forum such as the PSG for parents to discuss how they feel, some difficulties they may go through etc.

We love that the PSG gives a further element to the holistic approach adopted by Radix James, as it is vital that all parents play an active role in their child's schooling.